On the shoulders of giants – Northern Ireland


Beer: Whitewater Belfast Ale

Origin: Kilkeel, County Down

Obtained: Ordered from lighthousewines.co.uk

One of the most tricky to get. I’m sure if I’d had a chance to scour specialist beer stores on brief visits to the UK it would’ve turned up, but in the normal course of business, it’s hard to come by. In the end it was one of three which turned out to be most problematic (Croatia and, surprinsingly, Austria being the other two) and had to be mail ordered from a fancy wine outfit, arriving in a fantastic blow-up plastic contraption that shielded it from harm all the way from Ulster to Warsaw.

I suppose it was the default choice. I think when I was up there I mostly drinking whiskey so had no obvious choice in mind when NI qualified. I’ve decided to support Northern Ireland against Poland purely in visceral anger for the pay tv deal being foisted upon Euro 2016 fans in Poland. Norn airn!


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