That old chestnut – La France / France


Beer: Pietra

Origin: Corsica

Obtained: Alma supermarket, Olsztyn, Poland

As France is, bien sûr, a wine country, it tends to mean that most beermaking flourishes on the periphery of ‘l’Hexagone’. Alsace, with its Germanic heritage, brews German-style beers such as Kronenbourg 1664. The north, with its proximity to Belgium, is home to one of the stalwarts of Fench beer, Pelforth, and so on. Craft beers also tend to come from the country’s extremities, such as Brittany, France’s celtic fringe (where the Wales squad have taken residence). Pietra in fact comes from the italianate island of Corsica and is made using chestnut flour, an ingredient common in local cuisine. A nice touch is the Corsican language used on the bottle. Be in no doubt, this is biera corsa (!), not just bière corse. The chestnutness (?) is subtle rather than obvious I’m told. Anyhow can’t wait to find out.


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