Snappy title

In my continuing search for others who’ve picked up on the same theme, I found this pretty good post from 2 weeks ago from thebottleandglass nominating a beer for each participant in Euro 2016.

Surprisingly, we have very few overlaps. Iceland continues to surprise. This list goes for Ölvisholt Lava, a so-called ‘imperial stout’ (I’m having trouble buying into some of these labels). I suppose I generally thought that countries like Switzerland, Iceland, Sweden, Norway (had they qualified) are just too bloody rich to bother brewing and trying to export beer. To some extent they are, but beers from the Nordic countries are finding their way out, not least to other European countries that have lower taxes on alcohol. 🙂

Efes  for Turkey seems unavoidable. Zlatý Bažant for Slovakia might be unavoidable but I’m still woking on it, just to be less cliché. Being extremely well-acquainted with Ukraine I’ve never come across Krokodil (?), apart from in stories of a nasty home made hard drug which is rampant in Russia. I can find no reference to such a beer so may have been had here, although I can picture it being some sort of craft beer. Truth is Ukraine is not as far away as people think and there are some very good Ukrainian beers now circulating around shops in Poland and further afield. They’re probably right on Silva for Romania and I’m convinced the one I’ve gone for is better. San Miguel and Pilsener Urquell are old news to me but I’m impressed with their Italy choice of Cortigiana. Difficult to get those sorts of gems where I am.

Am planning to publish my own starting lineup next Wednesday.



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