A well trod path

Clearly I’m not the only person to have had this idea. It started during the last World Cup but then it was pretty casual, just picking up beers on the days of matches. Several bloggers were on the case at the last World Cup, including this impressive Group A lineup. This article on the Daily Mirror site aimed to pin down beers for all 32 nations, but you obviously run into problems finding beers from Algeria or Iran (although I tracked down a Persian beer brewed in Germany and, another, brewed in the UK, has since appeared, which I think counts). The article suggested a fair few workarounds, or cheats if put less politely. A can of fizzy Tango as a substitute does not cut it I’m afraid. Nonetheless, with all the African and South American countries (most of the European and Asian ones were pretty easy to get) it would be beyond my means to do beers for all the nations at the World Cup. Europe though, is another matter.

I did track down a Facebook page of a guy doing the exact same thing. He aims to have at least three beers from each country, which would be extremely good going. He was struggling with different countries to the ones I was it seems, although with Albania and Switzerland I had some providence it must be said. As things stand I have beers from 21 out of 24 nations, with only one tricky one left but a solution in hand. For the other two I’m just looking for something more eclectic.



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